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max_alec's Journal

Max/Alec ~ Breeders
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Welcome to max_alec

1. If you are going to post a fic or a fic rec make sure to use this format please:


You can either add the link to the fic in the title, or place it under the summary. Don't forget to use an LJ-Cut!

2. If your story involves sexual situations make sure you mark it CLEARLY so that people who are uncomfortable make sure that they dont read it.

3. If you are going to post icons please only have three icons as a teaser and then link or use a LJ-cut for the rest of them. If you are going to post art put a smaller version nothing bigger than 320x240, preferably smaller.

4. Try not to go off topic too much and if you do try to keep it related to Dark Angel, Jessica and Jensen.

We are in no way affiliated with Dark Angel or Jessica and Jensen. This is just a fun place to talk about all things Max/Alec.

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